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“I am an Energy Reader and Healer with various modalities under my expertise: Tarot Card Reading, Holistic and Wellness Healing”

About me

Born and brought up in India, I am a natural healer. In my quest to know myself I came across various philosophies and healing modalities, only to find that the most powerful, short and instant healing method is within us. Our life is the beliefs we carry in our subconscious mind. Sometimes, we attract situations, people, events and things in our lives which make us miserable. These are nothing but the negative beliefs which we carry in our system. Serenity Surrender, is a new age healing modality which works by healing the core beliefs of our being. I am a psychic reader, spiritual healer and empowerment coach with more than five years of experience. I started my most important healing journey with learning Serenity Surrender Healing modality and eventually went on to learn Tarot Card Readings, crystal healing, chakra balancing and candle healing as well. I myself have managed my own long term depression holistically over time. My clients have always benefited from my services. I also teach Tarot Card readings, Candle Magic Healing and Crystal Therapy to others. I run my own healing and tarot reading center. I have completed my formal education from Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University in B A hons English and later did Bachelor in Education from CCSU with good grades.



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