Exp: 5 Years

Astro Pallavi

English, Hindi, Marathi

Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Western Astrology

Exp: 5 Years

“I'm a Pthagorean and Lo Shu Grid Numerologist as well as Western and Vedic Astrologer with an experience of 5 years.”

About me

My name is Pallavi. I have always chose Astrology to see what is good or bad for me. And I can analyze with the help of birth and transit charts of an individual. I can analyze Vedic Birth Chart as well as Western Birth Chart. I can also analyze planetary houses and its positive or negative impact on an individual along with remedies. I have provided guidance in topics like Career, Finance, Marriage, Relationship, Health, etc. I also do readings as per Numerology on topics like Life Phases, Marriage, Health, Career, Finance, Relationship, etc. Along with that, I can interpret dreams of an individual, analyzing their dream symbols and meanings and how it plays role in their mental state and everyday life. I have always wanted to consult people as per my skills and abilities and I choose Astrology, Numerology and Dream Interpretation.



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