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Exp: 6 Years

“A certified professional tarot & psychic reader”

About me

My name is Prateek Sinha, I am a certified tarot reader from past six years & counting. I started my psychic & spiritual journey, when I was 16 Years old back in my childhood days. I have dealt with more than 10,000 + different problems seeking to just one solution & that is healing them. From the problems of life, love, relationship, marriage to various problems related to one’s career & job prospects. I have helped people heal with satisfaction as their strongest armor in life. Since, I belong to the city of nawabs- Lucknow. I was able to gather much intel on resources who have been helping our tarot community with their energies. So, I have a tarot community of my own as well, where we have plenty of tarot readers along with astrologers, vedic gurus, priests, white light protectors- witches, etc to handle any sort of situation/ problems of our customers when they need us. Being a tarot reader, I have the ability to know your past, present & future with the help of my tarot spreads & provide you with the ultimate guidance which you need to get success. Also, if you are confused & are not able to put up the question you want answers of, I can know exactly what’s going on in your life, what you have been dealing with this whole time & what will be your future . Also, I will help you reach your destination successfully with the healing remedies I provide. I have got skills in numerology as well, so I exactly know the personality traits one carries with them while taking sessions with me. Also, I use numerology to determine one’s nature if asked by a person about themselves or their partners.



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