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Exp: 5 Years

“Helping people with the magic of numbers for last 5 years. Certified Numerologist.”

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About my professional career: Having vast experience of 14 years in the field of Project Management. Worked in various MNCs in India & Abroad. Headed various multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural project teams while working in Project Controls department and lead to successful project completion. Numbers always fascinated me since my childhood. I have read numerous books on various numerology methods used around the world, but Chaldean numerology is considered the origin point in numerology and depends largely on Vedic/Indian numerology. Hence, I have blended both Vedic and Numerology to provide better results to my clients. Having taught by 2 top numerologists of India. I have been practicing Vedic numerology for last 5 years. I have guided a large no. of people in India and abroad to have a better life and to achieve their goals/dreams by using magic of numbers. Let's connect and make life more beautiful.



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Nice response, knowledgeable Numerologist.

kul Bhooshan

26 Jan, 2023

Shashiketan kt

27 Jan, 2023



27 Jan, 2023

Thank u so much sir aapse bat karke achha laga


28 Jan, 2023

thanku sir bus wo jaldi aa jaye


28 Jan, 2023

Panditji ne samasya kaa bahut ache se suna va nivraan bhi bataya. Bahut Bahut dhanyawad Panditji


28 Jan, 2023


02 Feb, 2023


03 Feb, 2023

Rajwinder Kaur

05 Feb, 2023


05 Feb, 2023

Rishna Ghosh

09 Feb, 2023

Kanu Malhotra

19 Feb, 2023

Dolly Vishwakarma

20 Feb, 2023

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