Panna is a gemstone for Buddh Grah (Mercury)

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Panna also known as Emerald is a green coloured gemstone. It belongs to the Beryl mineral family. As the lord of this gemstone is Mercury, it is advised by the astrologers to wear it on Wednesday. The maximum benefit of this stone can be extracted by wearing it in the little finger of the right hand as the little finger and mount just below it are linked with mercury.The mantra to be enchanted before wearing this stone is - ‘Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah’. It is more suited for Geminis and Virgos. Being a hot gem, it is advisable for the people who are suffering from gastric problems, respiratory problems, mumbling, asthma, etc. Before wearing this stone it is advisable to dip it in ganga jal or cow milk for 5-10 minutes. It helps native in terms of building wealth and business. It also helps one for achieving calmness in mind. One can hone his or her communication skills by wearing Panna and worshipping Buddh Grah.

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Some important points to note:

  1. Purification & Activation of Panna / Emerald Stone: Firstly Dip the Panna Stone/ Ring in Milk, Honey or Gangajal, So that all the negativity is washed away. Pray to the God Mercury to Bless you with his abundant blessings and recite mantra 'Om bram breem broum sah Budhaya namah'.
  2. Minimum Weight Of The Panna Stone: As per the different individual weights, different stone weights (in Carats/ Ratties) are recommended. A person weighing 70 kg can wear 5 Carat or 6.25-8.25 Ratti Panna, and as weight increases, higher carat values are recommended. To know how much Carat/ Ratti of Panna Gemstone is suitable for you, contact our astrologers.
  3. Finger to wear Panna Gemstone Ring: An Individual should wear Panna Stone or Emerald Ratna in Little Finger.
  4. Material to wear in: Panna should ideally be worn in Silver/ Panchdhatu or Ashtdhatu. However, some astrologers suggest Gold ring also (after looking at native's chart).


More details about Panna Stone:

  • Gemstone: Panna
  • Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Cut: Mixed Cuts
  • Certification: Free Lab Certificate
  • Quality: Super Luxury
  • Shape: Mixed Shapes
  • Composition: Natural
  • Origin: Zambia/ Columbia
  • Colour: Green
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