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Pearl (Moti)
Pearl, also known as Moti, is a gemstone for Moon

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Moti also known as Pearl is a white to bluish grey coloured gemstone. It does not belong to any mineral group though it is a composite named nacre made of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. This gemstone is found inside the body of living mollusks. As the lord of this gemstone is Moon, it is advised by the astrologers to wear it on Monday before sunrise. Though anyone can wear pearls as an ornament but it is best suited for Cancerians. The maximum benefit of this stone can be extracted by wearing it in the little finger of the right hand. The mantra to be enchanted before wearing this stone is - ‘Aum Chandrya Nama’. It is considered to be good for mental health. It helps to calm down stress and anger. It also brings fortune to its wearer.

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