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“Aaryan sharma from Kota (Rajasthan) | Certified Tarot card reader”

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My name is Aaryan sharma. Birth place- Kota (Rajasthan) Born n bought up in kota rajasthan I have completed my heiger education from modern school kota and Currently a Bca student i am also contribute in social welfare I always have interest in tarot reading since my childhood Istarted studying about tarot reading. Tarot card reading was a passion for me and so I want to go a long way in this. I read so many books just to make it more strong. I got inspired from my mother. I Completed my Tarot card reading course Shri Rishi Darshan vastu shodh sansthan. In future I really want to be a sucessfully humanbeing .... Certified Tarot card reader .



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