Exp: 7 Years

Chayanika Tarot

184 mins

English, Hindi, Assamese

Tarot Card

Exp: 7 Years

“I am a tarot card reader as well as I do pendulum dowsing,angel reading. I am a spell caster and casts different spells according to issues.”

About me

I have been providing services in the occult science for a while. I offered a range of reading on many topics like love and relationship,career,finance etc. I continually offered advice,suggestion for how to live your life .



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29 Jul, 2023

Atanu Chakraborty

05 Aug, 2023

Atanu Chakraborty

07 Aug, 2023

Atanu Chakraborty

07 Aug, 2023

rachna gulati

20 Aug, 2023


03 Sep, 2023

Ruchi Gandhi

03 Sep, 2023


01 Oct, 2023

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