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Exp: 12 Years

“ I am a Vedic Astrology consultant, 12 years Experience. Completed Jyothishya Praveena, Jyothishya Visharada, Jyothishya Vidwan.”

About me

My name is Keshava, I have a 12 years of experience in Vedic Astrology and giving predictions by using Horoscope with scientific methods. I have completed Jyothishya Praveena, Jyothishya Visharada, Jyothishya Vidwan at Bharathiya Jyothishya Vidya Kendra. Experience in Career advice, Financial Issues, Health issues, Legal Issues, love and Relationships, Marriage Problems, Match making, Muhurtha, Education issues, Job issues.



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Very deep discussion, thank you so much..!


03 Nov, 2022

Rohan sachdev

07 Nov, 2022

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