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Prashanth Astro

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Vedic Astrology, Prashna Kundli, Palmistry, Vastu, Nadi Jyotish

Exp: 16 Years

“Celebrity astrologer and vastu expert”

About me

“Destiny is something that we often keep alternating between believing and not believing in. In my experience, I have come to realise that destiny is a combination of a constant and a variable, much like a mathematical equation. A certain set of outcomes are guaranteed, not depending on what steps one takes. Your birth determines this major 75% of life. However, our actions and their consequences do shape our future. This variable plays only 25% part in it. An accurate horoscope has the power to reveal a lot more than one can imagine. It can speak in detail about Education, Career, Goodwill, Financial Growth, Liabilities, Nature, Personality, Health, Marriage & Relationships, Gupt Shatru (enemies), Negativity, Stress and much more of an individual, thus offering a roadmap to a better life.”

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