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“I am Shelly . Working as a tarot card reader since 2 yrs. I have been into holistic science journey since more than 2 yrs. ”

About me

Hello There... I am Shelly ...I have started my journey in healing as a self healer.. It took me years to realise and understand the issues i was dealing with and started healing myself. And as i started healing me i attracted more and more people in my life who needed healing and i did helped them too. I work with my angels and always try to help in any way and method possible. Through my healing journey i have learnt different methods of healing like: reiki, switchwords, manifestation, angel healing, shamanism, candle magic, oracle card guidance, tarot card, Crystal therapy. And my connection with tarot cards and angels was always something which guided me forward on this path. So my soul purpose is to heal and help all living beings. And here i am..



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thankyou mam


23 Jun, 2023

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