Exp: 7 Years

Sujita Tarot

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English, Hindi, Marathi

Tarot Card

Exp: 7 Years

“Sujita Tarot. A passionate astrologer dedicated to resolve queries of clients with easy solutions.”

About me

“Remedy Specialist”- That is what Tarot Cards Reader Sujita’s clients have crowned her! They have all benefited and thanked her for her miraculous remedies in getting their love partners back into their lives, clearing up issues to help them get married to their desired life partner, dismissing any third party interference, helping them get their desired job and income, clearing competitive exams, making them debt free and financially stable, saving marriages that were on the verge of divorce, winning them over legal issues and court cases, liberating them from past trauma and depression resulting in becoming emotionally stronger, conceiving healthy babies and stimulating speedy recoveries from ill health.



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04 Jan, 2024


07 Jan, 2024

Kiran Kapadia

10 Jan, 2024

Shalini Kaur

12 Jan, 2024

Mohit Ojha

12 Jan, 2024

prakrati Saxena

15 Jan, 2024

Ashish Kumar

31 Jan, 2024

Jiya Patel

01 Feb, 2024


02 Feb, 2024


vrushali Anil dhivare

02 Feb, 2024

vandana nautiyal

09 Feb, 2024

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