10 Astrological Benefits of Feeding Birds and Animals

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Posted on: Sep 10, 2022

Birds and animals are often looked upon with love and nurtured. But did you know that feeding animals and birds, especially those deprived can help bring positivity, prosperity, and good luck? Well, the answer is yes. Taking care of the needy and the deprived has positive implications, this is believed strongly in Hinduism. Not only does this help the needy but it adds positive markers to a person’s karma bank. It is also believed that it removes obstacles and sins of past lives. 


Let us look at the positive implication. The astrological benefits are derived since each animal or bird represents a planet and thus by feeding birds and animals the intensity can be greatly reduced or nullified. For positive changes in life and various other aspects please consult a good astrologer, who can explain the situation and also provide you with suitable remedies as per your horoscope. Listed below are a few remedies.


Top 10 Positive Astrological benefits of feeding Birds and Animals


  1. Sun is the lord of the universe. A good placing of the Sun in the horoscope leads to power and high status. Feeding cows with Rotis made from wheat is beneficial. Feeding jaggery to monkeys on a Sunday can also benefit tremendously. Try these remedies on a Sunday. 
  2. Moon is a synonym with Monday and brings about stability, peace, and harmony. To get the grace of this celestial satellite, one must feed wheat balls either to fish or to cows. Offer water to the cow this too helps receive the grace from the Moon. 
  3. Mars or Mangal brings out the fiery nature and impulsive nature in a person. Therefore appeasing this planet is a must. Feeding gram (Chana dal ) along with jaggery to a monkey helps in strengthening this planet and brings benefits to the native. 
  4. Birds are meant to fly free in the beautiful blue sky. Try not to cage any birds as Mercury does not like it. To get help from Mercury try feeding green grass to cows on Wednesday. The native can also offer Bajra or millet as commonly known to pigeons on a Wednesday. Alternatively feeding Spinach to cows also is known to be beneficial. 
  5. Jupiter is always associated with wisdom. Jupiter blesses the native with peace, prosperity, and harmony. Therefore Chana dal along with jaggery can be fed to cows and horses. Thereby earning the grace of Jupiter or Guru. Feeding corn to pigeons is also helpful.
  6. To attract beauty, good relationships, and luxury, one can seek the blessing of Venus. Friday is the day of Venus. So, offering milk to cats and feeding wild fishes has been extremely fruitful to the native. 
  7. The planet Saturn or Shani brings about honesty and discipline. It also causes a lot of disharmonies, especially during sadesati. Feeding black crows and black dogs with oil or buttered rotis pleases the lord. 
  8. The shadow planet Rahu, is feared as it creates adversaries and wrath and causes chaos in the lives of people. Feed sugar and flour balls to ants on a Wednesday. Feed green grass to Buffalo and the adversities will fade away.
  9. The other shadow planet Keti keeps a record of good as well as bad karmas. Also, it represents spiritual and supernatural influences. Keeping a dog as a pet becomes beneficial. Feeding ants sesame seeds also helps tremendously in this scenario. 
  10. To strengthen luck and gain fruits from your hard work, it is advised to feed squirrels.


Feeding animals and birds help to strengthen planetary positions at birth. It also helps in clearing the debts of past lives. Helps in starting a family as well as ringing in prosperity. Try these remedies in case your astrologer suggests them since the benefits definitely outweigh the problems.

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Amazing post, Through this detailed post, it’s good to learn the astrological benefits of feeding birds and animals. A must-try option for the community to get advantage in life.


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