Astrology and spirituality: What is the connection?

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Posted on: Aug 07, 2022

As per astrology, the events that happen in your life are the consequences of karma from the past. Astrology can predict a person’s interest in attaining moksha.

The planetary position in the birth chart indicates the kind of spirituality a person should follow for better results. It is the link between astrology and spirituality.


Horoscope and spirituality relation:

  • A person with a strong sun is intensely interested in spiritual practices with strong willpower and discipline.
  • A strong moon symbolizes religion and development to deal with a person's emotions.
  • As per spirituality astrology, Mars is the most robust and energetic planet. So people with strong Mars engage in Yoga to control their energy.
  • Jnana yoga for the strong Mercury will help them to grow their knowledge.
  • People with strong Saturn go after selfless service for the human race. Sade-sati is a difficult phase for karma.
  • Strong Jupiter people lead toward the traditional form of spiritual practices.
  • Venus in the birth chart means they will be great devotees of God and serve God in an art form like dance and music.
  • Rahu convinces a person to leave the materialist life and follow the path of spirituality. 
  • Ketu makes a person depressed and frantic, which leads to detachment in life. At the same time, people get attracted to spirituality.


Astrology houses of spirituality:


The ascendant confirms the character and inclination of a native in their life. It is the initial core of a person.


Fifth and Ninth house

The fifth house indicates the wisdom and fruit of karma of a person. It also symbolizes how that person can use their brainpower to develop their spirituality. And the ninth house is the house of higher education and philosophy.

Moreover, according to astrology, both houses are analyzed to view the power of spirituality and its practices. 


Twelfth House

It is the house of moksha and states a person's spiritual journey from birth to death.   Planetary combination for spirituality

  • Union with Dharma house( First, fifth and ninth) with Moksha house( Four, eighth, and twelfth) show interest in spirituality.
  • If Sun and Jupiter merge, that person will be involved in spirituality by constructing worship places.
  • Navamsha and planets in the Zodiac like Leo, Aquarius or Pisces all signify spirituality in a person.
  • Evil planet in the first, fifth and ninth house means the person may be involved in Tantra.
  • In the zodiac Leo or Virgo, if Venus collides with Jupiter, it produces a feeling of freedom from the materialistic world and inclines toward spirituality.
  • Ketu in the twelfth house brings a spiritual practice.
  • Position of lord in fifth and ninth can make a person follow a spiritual path.
  • People with problems in the fourth house can suddenly leave everything and become a saint.


Final takeaway

The connection between astrology and spirituality is  intricate. Many researchers are studying astrology and spirituality together. 

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Thanks for this blog of connection between astrology and spirituality. This site is really helpful for me. Keep sharing.


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