12 Plants that are best for Home as per Vastu

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Posted on: Aug 07, 2022

Green plants not only enhance the beauty of your house but also nurtures it with tremendous benefits. Moreover, as per Vastu Shastra, the plants build a positive aura around your dwelling.

Selecting the right Vastu plant for your house can be highly beneficial and help with the flow of positive energy. The plants kept in the proper direction will bring good charms or can invite bad luck if wrongly placed.

Vastu plants for positivity and harmony

  1. Holy Tulsi (Basil) plant: Tulsi is a Sacred plant; the best place to plant it is in the North, East, or North East direction of the house.
    It is an excellent air purifier that aids in detoxifying the blood.

  2. Bamboo Plant: Bamboo delivers joy, good fortune, peace and money. One can keep bamboo at a home or office desk.
    Never buy any drafted bamboo plant; it's not natural; Buying Yellow bark bamboo is preferred to keep in the house.

  3. Money Plant: The money plant ( Epipremnum aureum) is a popular plant found in almost everyone’s house. As per Vastu, it carries wealth and happiness for the family.
    You can plant them on the balcony ( northeast side) or inside your rooms but avoid keeping them near your headrest or footrest.

  4. Peony: Paeonia suffruticosa, known as Peony, is an elegant, bright, and dainty flower. It's a symbol of optimism, female reproduction, and love.
    Plant a Peony in the south -West direction of your house. This red colour flower stands for divinity, peace and love.

  5. Banana Plant: In Hindu culture, worshiping banana plants is part of the culture. According to Vastu, it symbolizes Lord Visnu; on Thursday, Lord Vishnu is honored with the Banana plant.
    Vastu Shastra suggests planting a banana plant in the NorthEast direction of your dwelling.

  6. Neem Tree: Neem Tree or Azadirachta indica, when planted in the house garden it elicits positivity. The neem tree is an auspicious tree for Vastu, as it has various medical properties and purifies the air of your surroundings.
    Plant the neem tree in the North-West corner of your home.

  7. Plum Blossoms: Plum Blossoms or Prunus mume adds harmony and wealth to your residence; They also bring a positive aura to the family.
    Plant these plants in the North-East or North direction of your house garden.

  8. Citrus plant: Citrus medica, popularly known as Buddha’s hand, stands for good luck and happiness in your house.
    The plant resembles the upturned figure of Lord Buddha in meditation.

  9. Daffodils: Daffodils' best place to plant is in the North or North-East directly to bring fortune and peace to your residence.
    It is recommended not to plant the dwarf version; it doesn't work.

  10. Orchid: Orchids stands for fertility, abundance and growth. 

  11. Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is a yellow flower that brings happiness and optimism to a family. It has the power to attract good luck at your dwelling. Place it in the bedroom.

  12. Lotus: Lotus is devoted to Goddess Laxmi; placing it in front of your home will bring wealth and prosperity. The most sacred plant for a home.

Final Takeaway

The plant can cure many diseases and bring peace and wealth to your home. To get more customized Vastu remedies, consult our Vastu Astrologers in AstroTaare.

Thank you for providing me information regarding plants that are best for home as per Vastu. It’s really useful. Amazing blog.


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