Astrology Suggests 12 Sure-Shot Remedies for Bad Dreams

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Posted on: Aug 07, 2022

We all see dreams, but some are good, and some are bad; have you wondered why we see dreams?

Our subconscious mind develops our deepest desires and co-relates them with reality. Vedic astrology has its theory of dreams; Rahu is the lord of dreams, so if Rahu involves with the Moon in your birth chart, a person might get nightmares.


This article will share the astrology remedies to get relief from bad dreams-

  1. Before going to bed, always wash your feet with lukewarm water; it will ward off the bad dreams.
  2. Apply coconut oil to your scalp and give a massage; it will relax your mind to produce positive thoughts.
  3. A packet of Alum(Fitkari) is also a very effective measure for bad dreams. Keep the alum for a week, and then burn it.
  4. Take a clove of garlic and keep it under the pillow to eliminate a terrible nightmare.
  5. A packet of yellow rice or cardamoms is also helpful to prevent a terrible nightmare.
  6. A simple and standard astrological therapy is to mop the floors with salt water. Cleaning the bedroom floor before you sleep will give you a night of sound and relaxed sleep.
  7. Tulsi is a sacred plant in a Hindu family; one should keep Tulsi to absorb the negative energy in a house and give a peaceful sleep.
  8. Keep your bed in a position where your head points toward the south and your foot toward the north.
  9. Avoid keeping footwear near your bedroom.
  10. Women with long hair are advised to tie their hair properly; loose hair at night attracts negative energy.
  11. An individual should pour water into the plants. It will absorb all the negative aura from the house.
  12. Fill water in a copper vessel and cover with a cloth; keep it near the bedroom.


Mantras to prevent bad nightmares-

Meditation or chanting mantras of Gods and Goddesses will give the power to get rid of problems. 

  1. Durga Mantra: Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Nidra Roopen Samsthita. Namastasyai Namastasyai. Namastasyai Namo Namah.
  2. Narasimha Mantra: Om Hum Phat Narasimha Swaha
  3. Hanuman Mantra: Ramaskandam Hanumantam, Vaineteyam Vrikodaram Shayanayah Smare Nityam, Duswapna Tasya Nashyati.

The purpose of the above mantras is to destroy the negative energies around your surroundings and give you a good sleep.


Final takeaway

We all need a good sleep for our good health. Giving a relaxing rest to your body will improve your mood and make you feel energetic. Sometimes we don't get it due to disturbing dreams that feel like mishaps waiting to happen.

If you face recurring bad dreams, we suggest talking to an online astrologer in AstroTaare to know the reason for your bad dreams and devise a sure-shot remedy for them.


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