How to choose the perfect career according to Numerology?

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Posted on: Jul 13, 2022

Numerology can guide you to get your best career. One should select an occupation properly, taking into account passion and interest. So here is a guide on using numerology while choosing your career.

Birth number: The birthdate of an individual is the birth number. Anyone with a double-digit can add the two-digits to get the single birth number.

For example, If your birthdate is 15 (1+5= 6) then 6 is your birth number.

Life path number: You can get this number by adding your birthday + month + year.

For example- for 18/07/2020 (1+8+7+2+2=20(2+0=2)), 2 is your Life path number.

Number and careers

Number 1

 Sun is the king; a person who has intense Sun has leadership qualities and doesn't love to work under anyone. Professions that will suit your character are- CEO, Founder, IPS, Politician Leader, Principal, and Program Leader.

Number 2

 People with the number 2 have a strong moon; the moon symbolises beauty, brightness, and charms. They are outstanding orators and extremely creative. They can follow a career in sales, life coaching, diplomat, architect, public relations officer, counselor, etc.

Number 3

Jupiter is the most powerful planet, so people with Jupiter in their birth chart are helpful, friendly, and cheerful. If you fall on number 3, start your career as a teacher, singer, comedian, actor, businessperson, leader, and consultant.

Number 4

People with the vibration of the number 4 have Rahu in their heads. People are clever and brainy and critical thinkers. Never choose a career that needs luck, like the stock market, gambling, or business. Instead, select a profession where you can use your brain, like copywriting, creative writing, teacher, lecturer, journalist, lawyer, researcher, programmer, etc.

Number 5

Mercury rules the number 5; people are multi talented and bright. People should be musicians, writers, producers, investors, detectives, public speakers, life coaches, stock market experts, gamblers, and businessmen. They are lucky to earn quick money in gambling or the stock market. 

Number 6

Venus is the planet that decides the success and amenity of a person’s life. People with the number 6 are hardworking and creative. Individuals can succeed as Actors, Public Relations officers, composers, doctors, architects,  fashion designers, florists,  Jewelry designers, a business in cloth and apparel, bloggers, etc.

Number 7

If you have Ketu in your lower body, you need to work hard because Ketu will not allow you to achieve anything quickly. But they can be creative and great thinkers, so they should follow professions like Teachers, spiritual leaders, tarot readers, healers, Consultants,t professors, spies, and trainers. 

Number 8

Saturn is the lord of number 8; people born with Saturn need to do good karma to succeed. The best professionals would-be investors, bankers, administrators, managers, real estate businesses, and organizers. They should attempt government jobs.

Number 9

9 represents Mars; people have a character of a worrier and strength and carry great energy in them. So they can try their career in Police, army, commander, sports, medical professors, surgeons, chemics, and engineers. They can earn money in the share market and gamble.

Final takeaway

There are so  many career options these days; one can get confused. So talk to your elders and discuss with them, keeping your liking and interest in mind, and take your decision.


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