Significance of Gold in Astrology

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Posted on: Nov 08, 2022

You've probably seen many women wearing gold jewelry on their wedding days. Do you know why people regard Gold as ideal for use in bridal jewelry? Because it is an auspicious color representing wealth and success.

Gold is crucial in improving a person's financial situation, even as an entity. Having a lot of gold jewelry, coins, biscuits, etc., proves you are wealthy and successful. Similarly, adopting the color gold into your everyday life alone makes it so promising that it attracts prosperity and riches into your life.

What Does the Colour Gold Stand Symbolise?

Gold is a precious metal that may enhance every aspect of life and is connected with luxury, prestige, and elegance. It guarantees that you lead a life full of wealth and success and lights the world around you with its powerful radiance.

The color gold represents optimism and enthusiasm, and its shiny and sparkling nature attempts to add glitter to your life. It is related knowledge, ideals, and enlightenment which will nourish your spiritual self and assist you in recognising your inner beauty.

Gold exudes kindness and compassion and believes in sharing its knowledge to attract people's attention. It is the color of the victor in life's race, and they wear it.

Gold and Horoscope

The impact of gold on a person depends on the characteristics of their horoscope. Wearing gold will benefit those with the astrological signs of Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Gold will assist them in overcoming hurdles, improving their financial status, and improving their overall life quality.

Wearing gold might be harmful if your zodiac sign is Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, or Aquarius. Capricorns and Librans can wear gold; however, wearing it in large numbers can cause problems. Additionally, avoiding wearing gold is advised for those whose horoscopes contain poorly situated Saturn and Jupiter.

The Vedic Astrology and Gold

Wearing gold is highly fortunate according to Vedic astrology. Gold is the most preferred metal to contain gems, as a person's astrology chart recommends. Wearing gold has both numerous benefits and drawbacks.

Every metal has unique vibrational energy, influencing a person's body and mind. The metal gold is associated with Jupiter, also known as Guru. Wearing Gold can please planet Jupiter, the lord of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, Jupiter symbolizes progress and good fortune in life. So wearing gold invokes the blessings of Jupiter into one’s life.

The Sun and gold have a connection. The Sun is considered the planet of riches. Gold is the ultimate form of wealth, whereas money, real estate, and other material things symbolize prosperity. Smuggling and other unlawful financial activities arise due to the Sun's weakening. Therefore, a person involved in gold smuggling is likely to have a weak Sun in their horoscope.

What does Astrology say about the Price of Gold

As per astrology, Gold has a connection with the Sun and Jupiter. Gold prices fluctuate depending on the Pachanga status of the day. It is mainly determined by the position of the Sun and Jupiter, though other planets also play a role.

The price of gold will increase if Mars is in reverse or under the dominion of Rahu. Gold prices may increase due to Jupiter's position in Leo and the Sun's in Libra. Gold prices can also surge when the Sun is in Nakshatras like Bharani, Punarvasu, Pushya, and Kritika.On the other side, a favorable influence on Jupiter causes the price of gold to decline. The same happens when Jupiter is in Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Aries positions. If Saturn is sluggish and in the house of Gemini, gold prices may fall.


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