Top 14 Basic Astrological Principles to Determine Profession and Income

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Posted on: Jul 24, 2022

Human life is full of uncertainties; people have to face ups and downs in their life. Some people get the taste of success while some don’t; they think it’s their luck. But you can change your luck with the help of astrology.

A career is the most important aspect of a person's life; everyone wants a stable job for a better future and secure life.

Astrology can guide you with the cause of your failure and the remedies to overcome the problem. Here we will discuss the art to assist your profession and income.


Some concepts to determine your profession and income:

  1. As per astrology, if your eleventh house is higher than the twelfth house, there is a chance of becoming rich. The total individual points of the eleventh and 2nd house should be more than the twelfth house. If your twelfth house turns hostile, it can make you bankrupt.
  2. Your fifth planet is responsible for informing you about your career, whether you should do service or business. Therefore if your second, fifth, ninth, or eleventh house is weak, you should follow jobs. And, if these planets are strong in your horoscope, your business can be fruitful for you.
  3. If The Lord of Navamsa is the Sun, people with such birth chart will earn from scented items, gold, silver, wool, and medicine. They can be medical representatives, nurses, or doctors.
  4. In their birth chart, people who have Moon as the Navamsa Lord, can get income from selling gems, agricultural products, etc. 
  5. When Mars is the head of the Navamsa, people can make money from minerals, ores, kitchens, engine drivers, weaponry, and works where physical strength is applied.
  6. If Mercury is the owner of Navamsa, an individual will get income from metals and stones. And as a profession, they can be painters, writers, mechanics, poets, architects, and teachers.
  7. If Saturn is the boss, people will earn from traveling, labour, can become hangman, etc.
  8. People with Moon in their tenth house can get an income from their home.
  9. If Mercury occupies the tenth house, the individual has a chance to get government jobs.
  10. When the second, eleventh, and first houses unite, the person can get unlimited capital.
  11. With Jupiter Navamsa, the person can become an educator, priest, charity, or miner. 
  12. If Jupiter is in the tenth position in the birth chart, the person will earn a frame from public welfare.
  13. When Saturn is in the tenth position, individuals get love and recognition by working for the needy and poor people.
  14. People who have Jupiter in their ninth place will be associated with agriculture.


Final Takeaway

Many factors decide the professional ground and time to rise and fall in their career graph. Knowing how you can earn your living per your birth chart is essential. 

The Eleventh house represents income, and your second indicates accumulation and savings. The twelfth stands for expenditure. It needs a calculation to give you the correct information about your proper profession and income.

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