10 Best Astrological Remedies to Become Rich

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Posted on: Jul 30, 2022

People always suffer from a financial crunch, even if they have lakhs. Money is never constant at one home. Some people work hard but still cannot earn the money they desire.

 It may be due to the evil planets in your birth chart that are creating obstacles in your path of being wealthy. Astrology has simple and effective treatments to attract capital that can make you rich.

10 effective Astro tips to become wealthy-

  1. Astrology believes that the Northeast corner of the house is sacred, so they advise making the worship room at the northeast corner. The junction should get cleaned daily to attract happiness, prosperity, and wealth.
  2. No evil planet can affect you when God's grace is on you. Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are the planets of wealth. Worship Mercury and Saturn to make them strong; their blessing will shower you with money. People who have a solid eleventh house in their horoscope can get quick cash.
  3. Sri- sukta is a powerful mantra to attract money. It can please Goddess Ashta Laxmi or eight forms of goddess Laxmi all at once. An individual can pray to Laxmi on Friday with kumkum Archana and chant Sri-sukta to pleased Goddess Laxmi.
  4. People who are suffering from Pitrudosh; this dosh will affect your income. You can chant “Om Gra Gri Grom Sah Guruwe Namah,” or Gayatri Mantra will work well. Help your father or an older person. Wearing a Bali root, take a bath in the water of Belpatta into it. It should be followed by offering water to the Sun. Wear white clothes and a copper ring to adverse the effect.
  5. Donate money and rice to the poor in the temples on Saturday in front of the Shani temple. Doing good deeds can please load Shani(Saturn), and with the blessings of Sani, you can get peace and wealth in your life.
  6. If you face a severe financial crisis, feed jaggery(Gur) to a cow or wear red clothes. You can wear silver rings on the left hand on the index finger. For good karma, build a house for the poor or donate stones to a temple.
  7. Mix honey and sindoor in pottery, place it in the worship place and feed sweets to the poor. Feed potato and flour to the cows on Monday for quick cash.
  8. To gain a good income, impress Jupiter by offering Chana-Mala. Lord Jupiter can help to achieve your dream.
  9. Eat more green vegetables, wear a copper ring, and pray to Goddess Durga. Chant “Om Bu Budhay Namah”.
  10.  Place a mirror facing the locker at your home. The mirror should meet in an East or North-East direction.

Final Takeaway

Sometimes tough times knock at your door; you try every way to come out of that phase, but you face a downward pull; if you meet the same situation in your life, then it's a phase where your planet’s position is affecting your life.

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