Life-Changing Astrological Remedies for Children that Every Parent Should Follow

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Posted on: Jul 05, 2022

Parents are always worried about the health and career of a child. Every parent wants a wealthy and healthy life for their children. If your child always suffers from health issues or lack of attention; consult online astrology. 

Astrology can analyze the horoscope of the child to know the cause of such a problem. The house of the Planet in the horoscope can show the source. Here are some remedies you can follow at home for a successful life for your child.

  1. Chanting of Gayatri mantra: Gayatri's mantra is the most powerful mantra; chanting the mantra every day can make your child mentally and emotionally tough. According to Vedic astrology chanting the Gayatri mantra can make your sun powerful and create positive energy within the body.
  2. Use silver bangles and copper coins: If your child is mischievous then astrology suggests giving a silver bangle can make a child disciplined. Some children have a habit of lying; the quick remedy is to place a copper coin in the temple.
  3. Let your child play outdoor games: Mars is a symbol of courage, confidence, leadership and self-defence power; by playing outside games, children will get the positive effect of Mars directly on them. The powerful impact of Mars will bless them with good health.
  4. Offer help to others: Planet Saturn represents justice; teach your child to support the needy and poor. It is the essential remedy to satisfy planet Saturn. Helping others can decrease the adversarial effects of Saturn.
  5. Teach to be hygienic and clean: Venus represents luxury, love, caring, and marriage, so to gain the positive influence of Venus, follow cleanliness and hygiene. It is the remedy to get the blessing of Venus.
  6. Memory growth: Some children work hard but result-wise not satisfied. They have weak memory power, so to increase their memory power, one should add two tablespoons of milk to the water while bathing. Do it at least once a week for better results.
  7. Spend time with the elders: To educate the importance of culture in your child, team them to spend time with the elders. Teaching from elders can help your child to grow intellectually, emotionally and mentally. Jupiter will shower positive energy on your child.
  8. Green vegetables for better Mercury: The is a strong connection between green colour and Mercury, so it’s prescribed to give green leaves and vegetables to the child. It will boost concentration and memory power,
  9. Lower the negative effect: Negative energy can have adverse effects like health issues, poor attention etc; wearing an Ashtdhatu( 8 metals) bangle or ring can lower the negative effect.
  10.  Satisfy all the planets: Mix some rice with Haldi, and let your child feed the sparrow every Thursday. This remedy will satisfy all the planets.



Follow these straightforward processes to give your child a happy and healthy life. This easy method will improve the outcome of the exams, concentration and health.

Consult our online astrologer at Astrotaare for consultation regarding your child.

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10 Jul, 2022


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