Daily Horoscope


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Personal Life

Aries signs that are in a relationship won’t be as happy and free spirited as single Aries signs because a lot of things will be bothering you today unrelated to your partner.


Financially, you will be going up and down. You will get some money today, but it will not be the amount that you hoped for.


Start doing at home work outs. There are a bunch of DVD’s and even special channels that are dedicated to at home work outs.


Have you ever wanted to throw a dart at the map and go where ever it says you should go? Try it today!


The number 28 is going to bring lots of good luck, as well as the number 37. If you live in a big city, be careful about where you put your wallet.


You are simply worrying too much and you are probably overstressed and overworked. Today is the day when you can be lazy and laid back.


  • Date range - March 21 - April 19
  • Symbol - Ram
  • Ruler - Mars
  • Element - Fire
  • Quality - Cardinal
  • Greatest compatibility - Libra , Leo
  • Strengths -  Courageous, Confident, Optimistic, Romantic, Kind, Truthful 
  • Weaknesses - Impatient, Impulsive, Short-Tempered, Aggressive, Moody



Aries are amazing! Their name says it all: A for assertive, R for refreshing, I for independent, E for energetic, S for sexy. It is the first sign in the zodiac, hence, their presence always marks the starting of something dynamic and explosive. They always want to be first in everything, whether it is work or social gatherings. Undoubtedly, they possess strong and powerful characteristics. They believe that everything is possible to do. They won’t lose hope or get tired until they achieve their desired goals. They are frank and honest by nature. They believe in minding their own business. They are straightforward people and their life is an open book for their closed ones. They are the most active people. They are strong and are always ready to take risks. At times they don’t think much before taking an action. At times they get aggressive and impatient. They like to lead the people from the front. They are always ready to be the hero of the day.


Aries are quite expressive when it comes to love, When they are in love, they will express their feelings to the person they are in love with. They may shower their loved one with affection, sometimes even an excess of it, forgetting to check the information they get in return. They are not much compatible with other zodiac signs. They are very passionate, dynamic and love adventures. 

They don't have enough patience and focus on their partner. It is not easy to date Aries as they have childlike innocence which is unnoticeable on first meet. Aries in love is very alert, devoted, faithful and jealous. They are open and honest with their partners. They are possessive for their partners and expect the same from them. They will be willing to put their life in danger for their partner. They keep their loved ones safe, away from any danger. They don’t play games in relationships. They would be the first to approach in a relationship if they find someone ideal for them. It is very hard to win Aries trust again once you have lost it.


The natural born leaders, they love to give orders rather than receiving them. They become successful in a career that gives them a possibility to flaunt their leadership skills.Their working environment is an ideal place for their ambition and innovation. They are strong-willed and determined and give their best in the respective fields. In case of any problem, an Aries will quickly find a solution to the problem. Competition does not bother them and rather encourages them to excel even better. They are wise when it comes to saving money for rainy days. Managing finances pays off for them.

The only drawback is that when the workload is more, they don’t do proper justice to all the tasks and leave few tasks unfinished. They don’t finish the work with the same energy as they start. They should learn the art of assigning work to others instead of handling everything independently.


Social life of an Aries representative is always warm, and filled with new encounters.  They have a wide range of different individuals as friends. They like to communicate with people, hence making many friends. Still, they will cut many of them for dishonesty and uncertainty. They can maintain long-term friendships in their lives, with those who like to share their insides at any time. Free-spirited and determined, they often know where they want to go at a young age. These people do not like restrictions.

Aries have a childlike innocence that others find irresistible. Trust is a big issue for these folks, so one should be careful before breaking it because once it is broken it is almost impossible to get it back. They are jealous and possessive for their closed ones. As parents they are loving , strict, dominating and overprotective for their children. They love to spoon-feed their kids, at the same time they are strict when they find their kids diverting from their aims. Aries parents will not have any dull moments with their kids. They love to spend fun time with them. Aries as children respect and love their parents. They like to get a lot of attention from their parents. They are very attached to their parents and take good care of them in their old age and whenever they need them. They don’t like sharing things with others.They love to rule over your siblings and friends.

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