Daily Horoscope


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Personal Life

Single signs will feel extremely flirty tonight. If there is a fight with your partner, do your best to stay above the situation. Don't raise your voice, and have a normal conversation with them.


If you are unemployed, then today might just be that day when you get the call. Employed Virgo signs should try to socialize more at work.


You could really go to the doctor and get a health checkup. Your weak spot will be your throat, so don't drink very cold drinks today.


If traveling is something that you love and that you are passionate about, then you will have a lot of fun on your new adventure. Keep your passport in a space place.


You will feel the effect that your ruler planet has over you today. Expect lots of seemingly random luck.


Emotionally, you seem like you are doing fine. However, you know what's going on in your head. Talk to a few of your close friends today.


Date range - August 23 - September 22

Symbol - Maiden

Ruler - Mercury

Element - Earth

Quality - Mutable

Greatest compatibility - Pisces , Cancer

Strengths - Loyal, Logical, Warm, Hardworking, Practical, Considerate, Caring

Weaknesses - Impertinent, Dependent, Attention - Seeker



Virgo is the 6th astrological sign in the zodiac out of all the total twelve zodiac signs. Virgos are amazing! Their name says it all: V for virtuous, I for intelligent, R for responsible, G for generous, O for optimistic. Elegant, melodious, and obsessed with giving their best at everything they do. Virgo’s believe that everything good can be made great, and everything great can be made perfect. Smart, sophisticated and humble, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgo pays attention to the little details which makes them the most careful zodiac sign. They are introverts. So often they are misunderstood. These folks  are smart,civilized, humble and get the job done with perfection. Their prime focus is on control, purification, and organization. They are quite choosy and critical but they are highly observant to everything in life mainly to help others. These individuals have an organized life, and even when some chaos happens in their life, their goals and dreams still have strictly defined borders in their mind. They become overly critical and concerned about matters that nobody else seems to care much about.


Virgos in love will be discriminating, choosy and will take time to find a soulmate. Their practical nature and logical mind constantly warns them that the perfect romance is only found in fairy tale books. They are critical thinkers and keep on analyzing the good and the bad in their romantic relationship. Being introverts they take time to open up with their partners, but, once they find their soulmates, they will display the feeling of unending love with devotion.They prefer a happy bachelor’s life until they find the right person who can match their standards and criteria.  They will rarely have many sexual experiences with different people, for that they need to feel important to someone and find real physical pleasure in order to give their whole self to someone. Trust is the most crucial factor that needs to be built with Virgo. They are choosy and perfectionists, hence their love life can be challenging for them. Being a perfectionist, they expect the same perfection from their partner as well. Hence,it becomes challenging to find someone who can match their standards. Their soulmate has to pass a long checklist.

They are keen observers and can’t tolerate the person who is imperfect or doesn’t fall in their criteria. When it comes to love and romance, they are conservative lovers. They decide to be in a relationship with your mate only after the approval of your family.



Virgos being perfectionists, need to have everything them organised.Their hunger for perfection makes them fully committed to any career they choose. Their demanding nature demands excellence in work from themselves as well as from their colleagues. They like to perform all tasks with great precision, allowing nothing short of excellence. They can prove to be great leaders motivating a team without big lectures or announcements, and leading by example instead. In case of any problem they can surely get a solution in no time.  They will find satisfaction in careers that allow them to continually learn and build on their skill set. They are pragmatic, analytical and hard-working. Their working style makes them excel at jobs that require good organization, dealing with paperwork, problem solving and working with their minds and their hands. When they focus, perfection is to be expected from their work. 

These individuals save money and always put something on the side. Unfortunately, this approach can sometimes make them look a bit cheap. They will not just spend money to impress others.

Their team skills are very good. But they hate multitasking and find endless emails and interruptions in work to be incredibly invasive. Sometimes,they may even carry their pending work home. They want to get things done right, even if it makes your teammates lose their minds in the process. 


Virgos are generally very cautious about who they make friends with. They’re very certain about who they are friends with. They look for people who are empathetic and humble. They tend to incline towards other people who are serious and analytical. Virgos often enjoy being around people who are willing to improve themselves and learn new things daily. They are always ready to help others in their difficult times.They believe in maintaining long term relationships with their partners.

Virgos are outstanding mentors, always knowing how to solve a problem. This can make them supportive and extremely useful to have around as friends, but being perfectionists they want perfection in their friends as well. But, once they are friends with you, they will do anything to help you. A close friendship with a Virgo is always earned by good deeds. Virgo’s are committed to their family and attentive to elderly and sick people. They understand family traditions and their responsibilities towards their family. 

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