Daily Horoscope


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Personal Life

Communication and honesty are key to any relationship. Stop masking the problem and actually talk about it with your partner. Single signs won't have any problem flirting today.


By nature, you are very hard working and strategic. Your only flaw is that you are a perfectionist, which is why you are late with your deadlines today.


Go to bed a little earlier today and don't expose yourself to too much blue light. Make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs.


You might get sick or nauseous on the road, so make sure that you have some nausea medicine with you.


You will experience some financial luck today if you see the number 10 a lot. Buy a lottery ticket today.


You will miss some people that used to be a very important part of your life. Remember why you cut out certain toxic people.


Date range - November 22 - December 21

Symbol - Archer

Ruler - Jupiter

Element - Fire

Quality - Mutable

Greatest compatibility - Gemini , Aries

Strengths - Honest, Smart, Idealistic, Caring, Generous, Optimistic

Weaknesses - Careless, Attention - Seeker, Impatient, Over- Enthusiastic



Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign in the zodiac out of all the total twelve zodiac signs.Sagittarius are amazing! Their name says it all: S for smart, A for adventurous, 

G for grateful, I for intelligent, T for trailblazing, T for talented, A for adept, R for responsible, I for idealistic, U for unique and S for sophisticated. It is the 9th astrological sign out of all the twelve signs. Sagittarius enjoys travelling to different places. They are keen learners, full of energy and open minded people. They believe in doing the things practically rather than just talking about them. They will do anything to achieve their goals.They like exploring different places and meeting new people. They are over enthusiastic people. They love their freedom. They are positive people and do not get afraid of any kind of difficulty. They like to be outdoors more, and they take interest in all kinds of physical activities. Being sympathetic and sincere they always make an effort fixing problems with their loved ones.



Sagittarius enjoy having fun with their partners. Partners who are equally open, will certainly suit the passionate, expressive Sagittarius who is willing to try almost anything. They prove to be loyal and dedicated lovers. They want their partners to be expressive, sensitive and intelligent. They do not believe anyone so easily at first and take their time to understand others. They love their freedom and restrictions of any kind may disturb them. They are a bit insecure lovers.



If a Sagittarian have formed his/her mind, he/she will do everything and anything possible to achieve it. They are critical thinkers. They always know what and when to say. These folks value their work and respect good work. They have good relations at the workplace. They spread joy at their workplace and love to greet everyone. People love working with them as they keep the environment lively. However they don’t take their work lightly, they give their best. They inspire others when their morale is low. However, at times if things don’t go as per their wish they can lose their patience and temper. They enjoy earning and spending money.



These folks love to be surrounded by friends and family. As they are fun loving and they enjoy gatherings around them, they make friends easily. They are willing to do anything for their friends and family. As parents, they would love to spend quality time with their children. They  will neither be too strict nor too lenient. They give freedom to their children but will also keep a check that their child may not lose the right path. As children they are innocent and preserve their innocence till late. They love their parents a lot and obey them.

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